Cancer monthly horoscope the cosmic path

Mercury squares a retrograde Pluto on May 2nd, creating a sense of secrecy in the air. Hold off on jumping to conclusions or getting to the bottom of things. Keep a positive mindset: when you express gratitude , it can bring even more cosmic blessings to you. The moon begins her newest cycle in Taurus on May 4th at p.

How much is too much? Is it ok for me to want more things? Take time for self-exploration while the moon makes this movement.

November 12222 monthly horoscope

Speedy Mercury makes his way from actionable Aries to patient Taurus on May 6th, flipping a switch in t he way we communicate. Romance could be awkward on May 7th when Venus squares a retrograde Saturn on May 7th. Work with your artistic side on May 8th when the sun sextiles dreamy Neptune.

Seek inspiration from within your social circle on the same day when Mercury conjuncts innovative Uranus. Watch for jealousy on May 9th when Venus squares a retrograde Pluto.

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Give people their space, and resist any feelings of entitlement. Love planet Venus trines a retrograde Jupiter on May 9th as well, bringing with it a relaxing vibe. The atmosphere tightens up on the 11th when the sun trines a retrograde Saturn. I have become a big fan of Jan Spiller reports. Based upon the time and place of your birth, Jans reports are known for their accuracy and effective help for people dealing with the important issues of life; from relationships, to self-discovery, to how to live a more empowered life.

Jan presents a Book of Your Life detailing your strengths, weaknesses and how to accomplish your life goals. Making an important decision?

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Need immediate Guidance? Consult the Goddess Oracle for your best approach to handling situations that arise in your life. Ask a FREE question. All times are EDT. Click to Change time zone. There will be a productive energy available this week. Pluto stations direct on October 3, and will continue moving forward through April 25, Over the past five months while Pluto was retrograde, this energy has supported. This page is an ongoing memorial to Jan where you can leave memories, blessings, and messages of love.

Opportunity Scope: Timing is everything!

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  • In language that's accessible to people at all levels of astrological knowledge, including beginners, her books empower readers on their evolutionary path. The energy is jumpy, so try to think things over before making a dramatic change—beware of impulsivity.

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    This aspect can also correspond with a money-making artistic venture. Mercury retrograde ends on Wednesday, capping a period of reflection on your partnerships. It was good to have some room to reflect on your relationships, and you can jump back in now, all the better for it. The new moon falls on Wednesday as well, corresponding with the beginning of a transformation that allows for deeper intimacy or even more of a cash flow.

    Before acting so fast, consider the ways you are willing to take risks for other people in your life—there is an urge to act fast.

    Your February 12222 Monthly Horoscope

    Assess the damages, but avoid analysis paralysis, Aquarius. The sun clashes with the planet of rebellion, Uranus, on Monday, initiating a groundbreaking change in your partnerships. You can have a sudden realization about your living situation or home that pushes you to take action with your roommates or partners. Mercury retrograde ends Wednesday, and you can soon move through your daily tasks with more ease and fewer delays. The sun clashes with the planet of the unexpected, Uranus, which is exactly what the astrologer is talking about here—something pops up, an unexpected detail or appointment, that requires your attention.

    So double check your work and schedule. Mercury retrograde ends Wednesday, but before it gets better, things screech to a halt. Take this pause to figure out what you have the time and the mental capacity for right now. The new moon in Leo is a wonderful time to push your own agenda and pick up some healthy habits. There is a lot of creative energy in the air, and you just so happen to have the resources to make it happen! The new moon in Leo is conveniently here to begin a period of supportive friendships and fun, but do be aware of impulse spending.

    Mercury retrograde ends, pausing communication related to your domestic life. You may already be well aware that the planet of rebellion, Uranus, is in Taurus for the next seven years approximately. This transit is stirring up a personal restlessness and need to create enough space for yourself to experiment and explore your strangeness.

    Cancer September Monthly Astrology Horoscope 2019

    As the sun clashes with Uranus on Monday, changes are made on the home front, helping you feel free to be your freakiest self. Wednesday is an appropriate time to implement some radical honesty about your home and family life, dear Taurus.

    October 12222

    You may surprise yourself! You have to step into your unique and intelligent fluidity that allows you to just roll with the punches. Your planetary ruler Mercury ends its retrograde on Wednesday, but as its motion comes to an apparent standstill, you have a moment of pause, too.