Gemini man relationship compatibility

You two are likely to not have a whole lot in common on very deep levels which makes it hard to truly focus on one another. Scorpio woman with Gemini man could prove to be a very sexually intense relationship. If she can control herself a little bit; they could work it out. This may frustrate the Capricorn woman. Gemini men are drawn to Sagittarius women.

How to win the heart of the Gemini Man

He loves her intelligence, her sense of adventure and being spontaneous. Though they may be opposite in the Zodiac, they are both free spirits. They can absolutely complement each other. Where one lacks, the other is able to step up to the plate. Neither is in any hurry to commit so this works quite well for them both. The problem here with them would be a lack of motivation. Neither of them likes to deal with the mundane things in life and as such; they tend to shirk off responsibility and the power may get shut off since they both forgot to pay the bill.

If they can find a system of planning that suits them; they could actually make their relationship work quite well. They give each other personal freedom to be themselves and they appreciate each other. They will have to compromise.

Aquarius Woman and Gemini Man in Bed | LoveToKnow

There is also the loving Cancer woman with Gemini man mix. It IS possible to work it out but it would be rather difficult. It would take lots of elbow grease and maturity to work on it. At the bottom of the list we have the Virgo woman with Gemini man. This relationship truly can go either way.

The Virgo wants a stable relationship to last a lifetime. Gemini man is a bit of a free spirit but he can commit. Virgo will want organization and could actually get Gemini to step up his game more. The two could form a beautiful bond if done correctly. So as you can see there is a wide variety of what types of ladies the Gemini man can work with. Chatting it up with your Gemini man is a dual seduction. You will have a hard time listening as it is so gratifying being around a man who can talk with you about any subject.

Could a Gemini Be Your Soulmate?

Your ability to inspire a Gemini man pulsates with seductive sexiness, but can bottom out as a co-dependent drama binge. Make sure there are healthy boundaries and mutual respect between you two before getting too intimate. You two could hold a talk-a-thon, but giving each other a good amount of private space makes this a great same-sign match.

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The need to be yourself is the one thing he will always understand, and it is only natural for you to give him the same latitude. The Gemini man will always be able to complete your sentences for you. If you do not mind this talent of his, the relationship can thrive. If he strikes you as rude, it will only get more outlandish as time goes on.

This backfires on the relationship, as you each get bossy and demanding of the other partner. This makes for intense drama but bad long-term viability. Tension between you two will center on your attention to detail and his love of the big picture. He wants to race toward a happy ending, you want happiness to be built within your existing structure. He might run all his life and go nowhere, do you want to be on that chase? Finding you two together, and then returning a day later will see that the conversation is still going strong. If you two are apart, all you will think about is that you never quite finished telling him what you wanted to before something else came up.

This is one coupling better off vacationing apart. The Gemini man is your karmic partner. If his constant challenges annoy you, it is only because he is closer to figuring you out than you normally allow. Most men accept you and keep you in a mental box. A Gemini man makes you do mental gymnastics because you turn him on so much.

You two could have a good working relationship. The compartmentalization he needs in his various worlds makes him crave the love you have to offer. These two signs merge to form a great friendship, an alliance of strength and shared interests. There may not be as much romance as one of you two would like, but the chance to get things done in other areas of your lives is always present.

You are both a bit flighty by conventional standards, so there is the shared respect for being a wanderer. A sense of security draws you in, but a need for control tears your love apart. Sometimes love does that. The Gemini male can pose certain romantic challenges. Calling a professional astrologer can help.

Gemini Man and Gemini Woman: Nature of Bonding

A great starting point is an astrological chart, detailing traits and compatibility based on the specific birthdates for you and your love interest. Get in touch with one today to learn more about your potential future with the Gemini man you desire. Psychic Readings. All Horoscopes. All Articles. Life Questions. Tarot Readers. Spiritual Readings. All Categories.

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