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We have nadi dosh. What is the remedy to get over from this so we can marry each other and live happily. Girl: anindita das Dob: 1st february Time: 4. This is an arrange marriage.. Please suggest if this marriage is doable.. Thanks a lot. Our nadi is same ,can we think future, ifour nakshtra Lord is same but rasi is different can we think of future and girl is Jupiter and boy is sun our compatibility is good as per matching please suggest.

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Dear Sir, we are planning for love marriage but pandit said Madhya nadi dosha exists. Could you please suggest us the remedies for our marriage. Thanks in advance sir. As per my calculations there is no harm. But still I need to analyze with the details. You should apply for paid marriage prediction. Want to know about out marriage low points in kundli matching and nadi dosh as well..

Me and my bf have nadi dosha. Since mine is a moola nakshatra my parents gave a silver cow as dhan. Sir, According to my kundali, I have madhya nadi so I should have pitta vrutti but I rarely suffer from acidity but always suffer from vaat. How is it possible?

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If this is the case can I marry any man with madhya Nadi? Radha swami Me and my husbnd got married on 24 jan We both belong to madhya nadi dosh. I want to ask you that will there be any problem in being pregnant…? We really want to marry but due to Nadi dosh my parents are not in favor of this marriage please help me if we could do something or is there any solution. The gun Milan score is 12 out of 36 but the match is perfectly fine apply for bed reading so I can share you some remedies as well.

Hi Sir, me and my boyfriend want to marry in coming two years but I have checked online aur kundli and found nadi dosh.

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Please tell us what should we do get rid of nadi dosh and there is any nadi dosh in our kundli. Sir, I met a very compatible guy after so long. Our parents arranged the meeting. But then our pandit ji mentioned about some nadi dosh… Please guide… Please suggest any remedy… If some curable nadi dosh is there…. For the solution of nadi dosh,you need to do some remedies. You can have a match-making report regarding this dosh.

For that,you need to pay rs. We will suggest you with necessary remedies in a match-making report. For that,you have to pay rs. Please request for your help. Me and my partner have nadi dosh. Kindly suggest some remedies to overcome situations. I am worried about our happy and healthy relationship in future. For the solution of nadi dosh purpose,you need to do some remedies. We will provide you with a match-making report. You need to pay rs. For the recommendations regarding your marriage,we will provide you with a match-making report.

For having match-making,we will provide you with a marriage report. Please let me know if the match is good and can we proceed ahead. You can have solutions to nadi dosh. We can provide you with a match-making report. If the girl and the boy are from same ascendants. Whether the Nazd dish still exhist ,if so what is remedy?

Details: Husband name : Damaragidde venkatesh Goud Date of birth: My name :kokkirigadda sravya Change name at marriage time :lakshmi Date of Birth Dear Sravya, You have not mentioned your birth place here. Then I saw you have already sent me an email also regarding your problem where I found your birth place Guntur. According to your horoscopes I can see so many problems. Nadi dosh is one thing. Your 7th house lord is situated in 6th house and even both horoscopes I can see this thing.

You could have tell me before marriage, I would have tell you the solution. Now its difficult to give you solution. However I will help you. Is there any big problem for us what we do now plz suggest sir My birthplace Guntur My husband birthplace Hyderabad. Hi sir, I have naadi dosa in kundali. As my D. Plz do matchmaking and how to get from nadi dosa, or is this. Cums under pariharam…as my family strongly beleaves in kundali….

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I would like to consult you regarding my nadi dosham. Please send me your email id so i can mail you personally. My name Sachi Dob- Place — una gujarat Time — Plzzzzz reply me Plzzz help me sir Me aap ki life time thankful rahungi I cant sleep bcoz of this situation. Sachi is a partial Manglik this match is little bit difficult but with remedies you can proceed for marriage.

Dear sir , My dob is 11 Oct , pm min , bilaspur, H. Boy dob is 28may , am, Allahabad, U. P We have nadi dosh which causes hindrance in marriage. Kindly let us know is it serious concern. Your Lord of 7th house is situated with Rahu and Saturn aspect is there from 11th house that is the reason you might have several miscarriage or abortions and it will be very difficult to conceive but your partner have Venus in 5th house do the remedies for Venus that will help for you recommended gemstone is yellow sapphire that will help and for your partner Saloni Gomed.

We have madhya nadi dosh so Girl family will not allow us for marriage but we love each other. What should i do? Please provide your solution. You must be logged in to post a comment. If you read the newspaper then you must have read about the countrywide recession, recession across the Globe, etc. In our normal routine life, be at the bus stop, at tea stall or in office, Read more….

They decide the Read more…. Where your partner would like to do compromise know in detail by your zodiac sign.

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You may have noticed that different people Read more…. Get 2 Minute Prediction. Categories: Match Making. Tags: Aadi Nadi antya nadi madhya nadi nadi dosh nadi dosha pariharam solution of nadi dosha The Nadi and its type what happens if nadi dosha exist what is nadi dosha. Log in to Reply. Plese inform what we do Log in to Reply. Chintuji Log in to Reply. Ths is our 2nd marrig.. Plz suggest we shud marry or not.. You dont need to put comments on all the blogs.

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Thanks and Regards, Log in to Reply. His family strongly believes in kundli.

Please do not post comment to multiple pages. Please help Log in to Reply. Thanks Log in to Reply. Pls guide us. Could you please suggest whether we can go ahead?? Please help us. Could you please suggest if we can proceed?? Please check what can we do to save our marriage and make our future better Log in to Reply.

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It will help us a lot. Thank you Log in to Reply. Plz help. Please suggest. Do you have anything else to ask? Anish: June , Hyderabad Soniya: June, , anantapur. Help us sir. I will wait for ur reply. Here are the details Boy: Ashutosh sharma Gwalior m. It is also associated with the Mother. Cancer is intelligent, organized, generous, home-loving, and tenacious; their first love being home and family. They are devoted to family members creating a cozy, comfortable and safe existence behind the doors of their own home.

In fact home is their hiding place, where they can remain locked inside for several months at a stretch going out only to get supplies better still having their groceries delivered!

Just like the Crab, Cancer has developed a hard outer shell for protection and can use the hard outer shell of their home as protection. Cancer love is protective, but unless tempered, can be smothering. An expert hostage taker they use self-pity and sarcasm to torment their victims and gradually destroy their self-esteem. Characteristics : The typical Gemini native is clever, quick-witted, and often hysterically funny.

A great communicator, you can talk your way into or out of anything. Like Hermes Mercury , the mythological messenger of the gods, twins are swift-moving free spirits. You spend your time rushing from place to place, spreading the latest news and checking into whatever looks most interesting or unusual. You love exchanging thoughts and ideas and rarely pass up a chance to join in a spirited discussion. When life gets too quiet, you may deliberately stir things up in an attempt to make something exciting happen.

Your attention is quickly caught, and you follow wherever it leads. Because you spread yourself so thin, you may garner a reputation for being rather superficial. Sources and Citations. Taurus is the most grounded of the twelve zodiac signs. Create a force field of love and protection around your Scorpio daughter by giving her the name Haven, suggests Grant. Xander is the perfect name for the tender yet rebellious Scorpion spirit.

These goats are ambitious, conservative, determined, practical and helpful. A steadfast, honest Capricorn boy needs a name that conveys the qualities of responsibility and trustworthiness, such as Jasper, meaning "treasurer. Many Aquarians want to lead and be in charge while remaining revered and admired. Rather than rule by force, they rely on their intellect and reasoning abilities. Aquarians pride themselves on their depth of knowledge and ability to rise to new heights.

The Aquarian boy is likely to rise above the fray. Its meaning, "blessing," is also super-Pisces-friendly because people born under this zodiac sign typically have the rare ability to elevate the human soul, says Grant. Parenting Baby Names. A version of this story was originally published in March of