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You need to be careful about whom you align yourself with. Give yourself a mental check-up. This is a very good time for reflection and contemplation. Also, make plans for some small adjustments.

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So act with caution at every turn. The good news is that they will add a lot of excitement to your life, and get you a lot of attention. The bad news is that all the activity will separate you from the people you really care about, at least for a few days. Be sure to be clear about your commitments. But try not to distance yourself from this friend who has become something of a bummer. If you are looking for more substance, you are sure to find some today.

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Listen to the suggestions people are giving you about the simpler things in life. Just do your best and see how far you can climb. Whether the waters are rough or smooth, make it to the other side. Look around at how you spend your resources money, energy, emotions, time.

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You might use pictures or poetry. Whatever--just get your message out there. Today is a great day to do some research and see where you could join a language class.

Chances are it will change your life. A wound has to be cleaned, no matter how painful the process may be. You can.

You have before and you will now. No, the question is how you handle it.

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Do you say nice things to yourself and give yourself pats on the back? You should. Click here for your comments.

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