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With the Sun in your own sign, your lifelong journey of learning about yourself through your relationships is illuminated. How do you balance your energy, how much of yourself do you give away to support others and how much do you support yourself? If you tend to focus on one or the other, its time to bring yourself back into equilibrium. This is also a good time to pay more mindful attention to the version of yourself which is reflected back to you by your close relationships.

The Sun's transit through Libra may bring some objectivity to your emotions, allowing you to find a sense of perspective and an inner calm. You may have a deeper understanding not only of your own emotional responses but also of their effect on other people.

The Sun in Libra can help to illuminate the shadowy parts of yourself, so that you can take responsibility for any projections and bring yourself back into balance. This also allows you to form more authentic relationships, bringing a deeper sense of emotional security. With the Sun in Libra, you are likely to be reminded of your ideals and your love of the truth, thanks to your ruling planet, Jupiter. You may be able to find a more objective approach than usual, gaining a sense of perspective which allows you to be flexible and not attached to a particular version of that truth.

This placement allows you to keep an open mind rather than being dogmatic about your beliefs. This is also a good time to focus on diplomacy and people skills. Sun in Libra may feel like an awkward transit for you, as you tend to be practical rather than intellectual, realistic rather than idealistic, thanks to Saturn, your planetary ruler.

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There may be some frustration with those who operate from their ideals rather than seeing the world as it really is. People who focus on talking rather than doing may also be holding you back at this time. There may be a need for some diplomacy or simply a stronger than usual focus on people skills to help you overcome any obstacles.

The mental and intellectual approach of the Sun in Libra is likely to feel quite comfortable for you, as both are air signs who share a love of truth and an urge to live by ideals. You are able to be more objective about any fixed thought patterns which have outlived their usefulness around this time and the Sun in Libra can illuminate your ability to bring these patterns back into balance.

Watch out for a tendency to be too detached from the people around you. The Sun in Libra can illuminate the conscious mind, helping you to understand your subjective or emotional responses more clearly.

If you tend to give away a lot of your energy or lose yourself in daydreams thanks to your nebulous ruler, Neptune. The Sun in Libra can help you to rediscover your equilibrium although it's not a time for decision-making. This energy is about idealism which can lead to a tendency to focus on a perfect view of the world which doesn't always match up with reality. A little Libran intellectualism may prove useful! Learn the secrets the Universe mapped out for you at the moment of your birth.

YouTube Videos Astrology Readings. Mercury clears its post-retrograde shadow on December 7, meaning Mercury will be finished retracing the degrees of the zodiac it activated during the retrograde.

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Expect the conversations and ideas that have been stalled, confused, or renegotiated to finally begin moving forward between November 20 and December 7. Sagittarius season is off to a rocky yet exciting start as your ruling planet Venus meets lucky Jupiter and Mars opposes wild card Taurus on November So much good news is coming your way, but so are unexpected arguments or even breakups.

Something is no longer serving you, and it's time to let it go! Make time to connect with your friends: This is a lovely opportunity to enjoy your favorite neighborhood haunts and catch up with people, even though some unexpected drama may take place. A change in atmosphere arrives as Venus enters Capricorn on November 25, bringing blessings to your home and family life—this is a wonderful moment to redecorate, connect with family, or entertain at home! The new moon in Sagittarius arrives on November 26, marking the beginning of a new conversation—however, expect the mood to be sleepy as Neptune ends its retrograde on November Give your busy mind a break during this new moon and limit your screen time.

A boost in your intuition arrives as Mercury connects with Neptune on November This planetary connection finds you thinking back to November 13 and increases your creative flow at your day job.

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However this one managed to stand out from the many other excellent offerings on show. Read More. Luckily this truly oddball effort is not only really, but stonking good fun. The Evil Within 2 When the evil comes for you, will you cower in the corner or stand to face it? This game will test your mettle when it comes to this conundrum.

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Sat Aug Public Appearance Why not make a public appearance and show the world just how together you have your life now, regardless of how currently satisfied you are with the status quo. Mon Aug Play Date Call your friends and make a play date for tonight; it's time you got out and had some fun.

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Tue Aug Crisis Some of your friends may be undergoing a crisis now; do your best to listen without prejudice. Fri Aug New Moon in Virgo Today's New Moon activates your twelfth house of secrets and solitude, urging you to reflect on the events of the past year. Sat Aug Charming Host You will be ready to make a grand entrance as the Moon blesses you with renewed emotional strength and energy.

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