Taurus horoscope for 6 january 2020

However, there will be some points when the generic tension will be most challenging, and these are what follows.

Besides profoundly impacting those with planets in the first seven degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, Uranus will also make aspects and be aspected by the other planets. These indicate generic times of upheaval, radical change, breakthroughs, and unexpected forces beyond individual control preempting the playing field. Remember too that just because Uranus makes a hard aspect to any one planet, whether in your chart or transit to transit, is not indicator of doom or gloom, since it no doubt also makes other aspects that indicate mitigating circumstances or even unexpected fortuitous events.

For most of this year and the next, the semisquare from Uranus to Neptune mentioned earlier will accompany a widespread generic friction between the Divine Awakener and the Divine Unifier. As planets move through the early degrees of the fixed signs and the second half of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, this friction will be released in a variety of ways.

This configuration features two oppositions, two semisquares, and two sesquisquares simultaneously, creating a Rhombus Diamond shape. The Uranus semisquare Neptune will last through mid, when they almost septile. They then go back into a semisquare from late through May , when they return to a long term septile, showing a major series of forks in the road of destiny for humanity.


The first will be in early September when Venus opposes Neptune when the Moon is in early Scorpio; the second will be in late October when the Sun is in early Scorpio and the Moon is in mid-Virgo; and the third will be in late November when Mars is in early Scorpio and the Moon is in mid-Virgo. Uranus is now finishing its trielftile with Pluto, and by mid-May will again make a biseptile, guaranteed to be a very unstable and irrational time!

Taurus horoscope - Powerful Tips for an exceptional year

This phase of The Grand Irrationality V. We then enjoy a brief return to the trielftile between December and April The biseptile is back in play between May and July, and again October through December If you have anything near these zones, your life will have some abrupt transformational experiences this Summer! As you know from my Lunation articles, Saturn has been biseptile Uranus for many weeks, triggering the Grand Irrationality in its own department of life. Saturn will continue to biseptile Uranus through late May, when they slip into a very serendipitous tredecile through late July.

They are back in a tredecile by mid-October, and back in biseptile in December. You can find out more about the tredecile, the biseptile, and the trielftile by going to my articles on those specific subjects. Jupiter already made its opposition to Uranus from late Libra, and they were in sesquisquare in late December and early January.

Jupiter makes another sesquisquare in May and June and stop short of a biquintile in August. The first significant aspect from Mars to Uranus will be the semisquare in late April.

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This will accompany a square to Neptune, activating the octile configuration I spoke of earlier. Mars makes a septile to Uranus just after a triseptile to Pluto in early May, with those two in sextile for all of mid-to-late May. Mars quintiles Uranus in the first 3 weeks of June, and is binovile in late June. The first two weeks of July brings the hard Mars square Uranus, with the biseptile happening in late July and early August.

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The tredecile is mid-August, the trine late August, and the sesquisquare by late September. Mars makes a biquintile to Uranus in early October, followed by a quincunx in mid-October and a triseptile immediately after that. Mars finishes the first half of the current Mars-Uranus cycle when it makes an opposition in late November, and closes out the year with the waning triseptile in late December. The revolution is on-going! March 08, Permalink.

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