Vedic horoscope of atal bihari vajpayee

Following is Ketu Mahadasha table and Ketu is in good 9th House of luck and religion.

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You can see that from October onward , Mars antardasha started and BJP started gaining ground in the wake of opening of Rama Janmabhoomi site to Hindus and start of worship in disputed structure and it gained good seats in Loksabha elections of December when Ketu-Jupiter period was running. It supported PM V. Let us see the table for next Mahadasha of Venus , which is placed in 12th House in own sign Taurus.

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So, it is good as well as bad. Let us see next Mahadasha of Sun.

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It is well placed in 10th house of prominence , name and fame. Sun is also lord of 3rd house of Parakrama. Now we see what happened in Mars , Rahu and Jupiter antardashas.

Now , when it is ending in April , the momentum seems to lose. But before coming to any conclusion , we should see the Moon Mahadasha also :.


Surprisingly , we see that Moon Mahadasha will have Mars , Rahu and Jupiter period till April and Mars antardasha period will include the possible dates for Loksabha election dates after February This shows that BJP will somehow again get traction and good performance can happen at the time of elections. It is worse than Venus Mahadasha , where Venus was placed in 12th house but is in own sign.

Therefore , we can draw conclusion that BJP would not be able to muster absolute majority on its own as it did in and it may be dependent on allies who will be pricking all the time the BJP govt as happened in It can lead to mid term polls also. Current PM Modi may find it too difficult to work under pressure from allies after having enjoyed full control over party and government for full 5 years and he may opt for back seat driving of government , installing his any lieutenant. Transit Effects : Above analysis has not undertaken the effect of transit of planets from its Moonsign Scorpio.

Saturn is now in second house in Sagittarius till January , which means it is under Shani Saadesati, which generally gives bad results in last stage if it has delivered good result from beginning.

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But Jupiter and Saturn both would be retrograde by the time of elections so, it can give better results when finally results are declared in May And you are forgetting. How can you create a Birth Chart of India with 15th august According to this time and date, Rahu sits in the first house or Lagna of the chart and so the politician who sits in the seat of power for India has to have a strong Rahu.

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Gulshan Dhingra Tirupati: More than seven lakh devotees had darshan of Lord Venkateswara in the temple atop the Tirumala hills here during the Srivari Salakatla Brahmotsavam Amritsar: Hundreds of people comprising the next of kin of the victims of the train tragedy on Dussehra last year, held a demonstration on Tuesday here over New Delhi: Anaemia is at least a mild public health problem for school-age children between the age group of years in all states except for Kerala New Delhi: Security researchers have discovered that the Smominru malware-infected 90, machines worldwide during the month of August, with an infection rate The survey Mars in the 5th house has given him unlimited endurance and stamina which is visible in him.

Rahu occupying the 9th house, which is the strongest in a horoscope, has taken him to political successes during its period from till It also made him the Prime Minister of India. Saturn is very important in his chart. Saturn is exalted and placed in 12th house, Saturn also make a person hard working which is seen in his personality. It also gave him the enormous public response and mass appeal. Moon and Venus are in his ascendant.


He was also a good poet. Moon and Venus makes him a ruler of the hearts and minds of millions of people; he was proud, passionate in his actions, and public leadership and support. He would be skilled at speech and good communication. He was talkative and impressive in speech. This combination also helped him become a captivating and charismatic leader.

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All this planetary position He made the most respected leader of India. Atal Bihari Vajpayee is an Indian statesman who was the 10th Prime Minister of India, first for 13 days in and then from to His birthday, 25 December, was declared ''Good Governance Day''.